5 Most Enticing Places of Eastern Europe That Are Worth a Visit in 2019!

Looking for places to plan your next vacation trip? What could be better than Eastern European countries that showcase a perfect blend of modern and traditional lifestyle, provide a thrilling experience and are budget-friendly too? Not to forget the beautiful art culture and world’s best snacks here.

To make it easier for you to design an itinerary that included the best brew of Eastern Europe, we have made a list of top cities you must visit on your trip to Eastern Europe.

Tallinn in Estonia

Experience a city full of fairy-tale vibes with a combination of shiny new skyscrapers and aesthetic modern eateries. Tallinn is also popularly known for its Christmas market. Filled with young backpackers, art and energy, this city is great for an escape on a budget. The Old Town is the major attraction here which is a UNESCO approved site. The medieval walled city with cobbled streets and houses dating back to the 11th century, all looks like a painted picture from your childhood storybook! Eastern Europe Vacation is promising to give distinctive memories.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Typically a holiday town, Dubrovnik is located at the tip of Croatia. The city lies alongside the deep blue Adriatic Sea making it a hub for tourist of the yachting type during the warmer months. The ancient city walls are a home to artistic ideas, history museums, Europe’s best beaches and picturesque views. You can even enjoy a cable car ride up to the top of Srd Hill which will give you the entire view of Dubrovnik along with the sea from all directions. It is here that you can enjoy the best seasonal scavenger hunts in the country, that’s if you’re into hunting game. There are varieties of medium and big game hunts offered, so gear up and go! If you’d like to purchase firearms & tactical equipment head on down to Palmetto State Armory today.

Budapest in Hungary

Popularly known as the Pearl of Danube, Budapest are actually two cities wrapped in one. The two cities namely, Buda and Pest are linked by an iconic bridge built over the Danube River. Though similar is numerous ways, the two cities have a cultural charm of its own. While the lip-smacking Hungarian cuisines will make it difficult for you to leave Budapest, the hot-springs-fed bathhouses would just give you a stronger reason to do so. The number of churches here seems almost never-ending. Of course we won’t forget the world famous Hungarian sweets and desserts. Budapest is the best city to satisfy your cravings for rich cakes, crepes and tortes

Oslo in Norway

While the entire country of Norway is a marvel to visit and so are the surrounding Scandinavian cities, we would for sure pick Oslo if it had to be just one city. The capital of Norway and also the most populated city, Oslo provides a very laid-back atmosphere perfect for any vacationing. The city might seem quite modern at first but that is just one-third of it. The rest of the city is covered in forests, parks and other green spaces. Unlike in other countries, the locals spend their free time hiking and biking. The museums here are a must-visit even if you aren’t a cultural buff. The Munch Museum features the infamous ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. Norway group tours are perfect to fulfil your dream of unforgettable holidays.

Walking tour at Copenhagen, Denmark

Over the period there has been amazing urban and social development. Here you get explore the beauty of local areas, amazing delicacies or amazingly spend time with interacting with the people. The aroma of Swedish food is simply amazing out here. To give you the most contented experience of holidays, customized itinerary is made by reputed tour operators of Scandinavia group tours.


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