5 Tips for Getting Best Car Accident Injury Settlement

Once the claim settlement negotiation for an auto accident with injuries begins, many accident victims deviate from the strategy they planned to follow. Others have no strategy at all! If you follow these five claim settlement tips, it’s a good place to begin if you want to attempt settlement of an injury claim:

  1. Insurance Companies Do Not Pay Money Willingly

The insurance companies are expected to thoroughly investigate the facts of your accident and use any previous history of connected medical conditions to diminish the value of your claim.

Insurance companies could hire a personal investigator to film your physical activities to minimize the extent of your injury claims. Insurance companies could even try to set you up by having their investigators trick you into participating in physical activities like carrying a massive package, bending to pick up heavy objects or changing a flat tire.

Insurance company investigators have been known to take hidden tape recorders to interview people you, the injured person, interact with. You should never discuss with anyone apart from your attorney and your doctors or therapists anything about your case. Many good cases are compromised or lost as a result of the injured person forgetting or concealing previous injuries or history of physical complaints from their attorney.

  1. Treatment Information

Be sure to provide your attorney with the names and addresses of all doctors who have treated you in the past. Insurance companies can try to get all of your past medical records in an attempt to prove that your injuries existed before the accident, thereby reducing the potential payout of your pain-and-suffering claim. The insurance companies keep records of all claims ever created and share that information through their comprehensive loss underwriting exchange information. Once the insurance company has your personal information, like your name, date of birth, and Social Security number, they will for sure search out any claims you have ever had.

  1. Inform Your Doctors Concerning Everything About Your Accident-related Claim

The doctor will treat what he observes about what you tell him.  Be sure you tell him everything, even if it seems embarrassing. Keep track of all your prescriptions and medicines, saving all bottles or containers of drugs. Give your attorney receipts for all medications, both over-the-counter and prescription medications as well as other medical supplies you buy. This can assist you to keep in mind details several months later once you need to give a statement or testify concerning how your injuries affect your daily life.

  1. Wait for a Response

Do not cut back your monetary demand more than once until you have a new offer from the insurance adjuster. Never cut your demand in half without an intervening increased offer from the adjuster; it is just not good bargaining.

If the adjuster comes up with more reasons for a lower offer, go over each one. Once you have handled all the adjuster’s arguments, you may either get an affordable offer, or you may notice that no acceptable offer is coming back, and you may need to try to place some extra pressure on the insurance company. An attorney knows how to apply pressure.

  1. Never Settle Your Claim Before Its Time

It typically takes several months to settle a claim. Often an application could take a year or longer to be resolved. It is not the best way to agree to an accident claim too soon. It typically takes much time for serious injuries to become evident or for treatment or surgery to provide the most benefit to the injured party. To read more about this, you may visit this site https://krasneylaw.net/accident-attorney/.

Keep your attorney advised of any times when you might not be available. An emergency contact number and another way of reaching you need to be in your attorney’s file at all times. Start thinking about the witnesses you will need in the future. It may be necessary to have friends, neighbors, or co-workers testify concerning your disability and pain and suffering. Keep your attorney informed of anything that may affect your case.

Indeed, sign no settlements or any other papers without first consulting with a lawyer. Applications for insurance convenience, reports to the state, any amendment in doctors’ reports, returning to work, any amendment in treatment, etc., ought to be reported promptly. Disability or unemployment applications ought to first be checked by the car accident lawyer.

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