6 Marketing Strategies All Gaming Websites Make Use of

Online gaming is now in vogue. The people who used to spend hours in a video game centre now spend most of their valuable time exploring new games and online mobile apps. The gaming industry has flourished greatly after the advent of mobile phones. There are countless games now that you can download and play on your smartphone devices. Since the competition is so high, proper marketing is necessary to get them enough users. Here are some of the common marketing strategies used by gaming websites in order to attain popularity:

Refer a Friend to Earn Points

This strategy works well with most. For example, if you are a rummy player, there are high chances that you will know others in the rummy playing circles. Now, if a rummy gaming app allows you some extra gaming points each time you refer a gamer friend, it is a win-win situation. You get to enjoy your favourite game online with your friends and family. The app attracts more users for itself. Nobody loses here!

One Month Free Trial

Unless a player gets a real-life experience of the gaming app, he won’t know exactly what he is missing. That is why most of the online game companies make it a point to offer free trials for first-time users. When there is nothing to lose, players also make the best of the time they have at hand. At least one third of the total players enjoy the experience and continue to stay adding to the list of regular users.

Festive Bonanza Offers

People have a lot of free time during the festivals. They try to spend most of this time with family and friends. However, this is also the time of the year when they will have their eyes open to all festive bonanza offers. Making the best of the little attention offered to them in the festival season, the gaming companies launch offers that they are coaxed to try.

Limited Period Extended Fun

We human beings have a tendency to value only things that do not last forever. If something is always there, we tend to take it for granted. This is the reason why the different gaming companies assume that limited period extended fun offer is sure to draw all the attention. The fear that the offer will end soon makes maximum people try it out in the short span of time. Those who like it will stay on the app thus benefiting the app.

Annual Gaming at Reduced Fee

Playing for a month or two does not show they are going to stay on. A good gamer is one who sticks to the same app or game for years. However, people are hesitant to opt for longer subscriptions if there are no concessions in the fees.  That is why many of the online gaming apps offer annual gaming at a reduced fee. It encourages gamers to go for longer subscriptions and enjoy they game better.

One Plus One Offer

Be it a live game or a gaming app, the more is always the merrier. The gaming companies also make better profit if there are more people to subscribe to the game at the same time. However, it is not always easy to convince two people to invest on the same gaming app. Indians are prudent and treat any additional expense strictly. That is why the gaming companies come up with One Plus One Offer. It helps them coax two players to join the app at the same time. The opportunity for friends to play with each other may persuade them as well. Since there is a flood of options when it comes to entertainment, such strategies prove necessary to reach out to the true gamers and help them understand how nice the gaming platform is. They play and find out how the games help you pass time when you are travelling or have no one to chat with. The best part about these games is that the amount you invest is much less than any video game. With a nominal fee, you can enjoy your favourite games online for a year without any barriers.

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