8 Tips You Need to Know Before You Travel to Mexico

Are you planning your first-ever trip to Mexico? Thinking of your most-anticipated getaway is challenging and overwhelming at the same time. You’re bound to consider several aspects making it a bit difficult for you to start and even draft an itinerary. If you’re looking for the carrier that will take you to your destination without any hassle, you can book at Volaris. And if you want to monitor and be aware of your flight status, you make use of a popular flight tracking system and receive real-time notifications and airport information.

We’ve listed here some key points and ideas to help you get started and figure out your need, preferred places to go and unlocking new activities that will surely help to make the most out of your trip to Mexico.

Best time to schedule your vacation

This is probably the first consideration that you need to evaluate so you can make decisions about where to go and what to pack. Your schedule may be the determining factor but you should also consider the weather and even any festivals or events that you’d like to witness or attend to. The peak season here is during school holidays at Christmas and Easter as well during summer months.

Mexico is a large country and it is experiencing a wide array of climatic conditions due to its size and topography. It varies greatly from one destination to another. If you want to relax to a beach resort, it is recommended to schedule your visit between October and May since from June to September can be very hot and humid. It may also be crowded during spring break. Most importantly, please note that the hurricane season lasts from June to November

Exploring and discovering one place to another

If you’d like to see more than one destination, there are several options available for you like air travel which has always been the fastest and most convenient way to go from one destination to another. Other options include bus, taxi, private car, train, metro, boat ferry, or ship. Getting around here is challenging but you’ll surely experience more of what this country has to offer

Where to go and things to do 

If you want to swim into stunning beaches then party at night, head over to Acapulco. Besides, you can also witness famous cliff divers performing their amazing stunts. Cancun is another popular and most visited resort here. It is home to modern hotels, gorgeous Carribean coastline, and its proximity to Mayan archeological sites. Are you traveling with kids and want to have a tranquil vacation? Better head to Huatulco and don’t forget to snorkel and see the vibrant world down under. If you’re more on the historic sites, remarkable museums, and traditional architecture, Guadalajara, the country’s second-largest city is the perfect place that can cater to what you desire. Thinking of a multitude of vacation choices? We recommend you to visit Ixtapa. You can go snorkeling, biking, see crocodiles, and even dance the night away if you want. On the other hand, Los Cabos is something attractive to those who want to witness a beautiful natural setting with the stunning rock at the very tip. You can also find here a plethora of restaurants, nightclubs, galleries, and boutiques. Go and explore the beaches, see whales, and try zip-lining and riding an ATV.

Securing passport, documents, and entry requirements

Before purchasing a ticket, be sure that you have all the necessary documents needed to travel to Mexico. If you still don’t have a passport, it can take a few weeks or more to process so be sure to apply far enough in advance. If you have already, it must be at least six months valid beyond the travel date. Be sure to check if you’re required to secure a visa to enter Mexico as a tourist. If not, you don’t need to apply in advance. When you enter the country, you’ll be given a tourist card.

Money Matters

Being familiar with Mexican currency before arriving in Mexico can help avoid confusion especially when you’re about to pay for some purchases. The currency here is Mexican Peso. Banknotes here are printed in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 pesos.

Awareness to travel health issues

The main problem that visitors here are facing is the dreaded Montezuma’s Revenge or also known as diarrhea. To lessen the chance of being sick, be sure to avoid drinking tap water. And if you want to try some street foods, head over to the crowded food stalls, it means that food is fresh due to the high turnover. Make sure that any meat that you eat is well-cooked. And most importantly, wash your hands before you eat. We want you to stay healthy for the whole duration of your trip for you to have fun.

Staying safe for the whole duration of your vacation

As a popular tourist destination throughout the world, you may be targeted for theft and scams. That’s why before you leave be sure to research the destination that you’d want to visit so you can be aware if there are current warnings and public announcements regarding the safety issues. Also, take care of your valuables, it is suggested to bring lighter bags when you’re exploring the city. Just to be ready, have a copy of your passport and travel documents on your phone or email.



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