9 Tips When Customizing Menu For Your Corporate Gala Event

Planning a corporate gala event is no easy feat. Everything from the guest list, the venue, to the menu of the night, must be planned to perfection to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible. While booking the venue is at the top of the list, hiring caterers Arlington and customizing the menu should also be a priority.

No gala event was successful without good food. Follow these tips and you’ll have a menu that will have everyone raving with praise:

  1. Headcount

Have an estimate of how many guests are attending the event the moment you book the caterers Arlington team. Keep the team updated with the numbers as the event draws near so that enough food can be prepared.

  1. Serve Trayed Hors d’oeuvres

Make sure your guests are kept full and happy by serving hors d’oeuvres before the actual meal starts. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone interested and encourage some mingling between attendees.

Let servers walk around the venue with trays of food so that those who want to snack on something have the option to do so.

  1. Specialty Cocktails

Work with the caterer or the venue to hire a bartender that can make a signature cocktail or two specifically for the event. It’ll surely make a good impression on everyone to have something customized just for the night.

  1. Interactive Stations

Whether it’s a dessert bar or a carving station, a gala event with a buffet must include interactive food stations to keep things interesting.

  1. Offer A Variety

Just because it’s a corporate event doesn’t mean the food should be boring. Have colorful salad bowls as well as fish, chicken, and red meat options so that guests have a variety of food options to choose from.

  1. Avoid The Mess

Try to choose menu options that do not have messy sauces that can stain. No one wants to spend the rest of the night trying to cover a bright red pasta stain on their chest.

  1. Pick A Theme

Create a menu of food that goes with a certain theme or flavor profile. Professional caterers can help you plan out a themed meal so that guests can taste all the right flavors for a meal they will never forget.

  1. Account For Extras

Running out of food in the middle of dinner is embarrassing. Make sure to add a few extra servings for every dish you order from the caterer to account for this problem. This is especially important for buffets where guests serve themselves because others might be getting a bigger portion than expected.

  1. Dessert As Event Favors

At the end of the event give guests edible favors they can bring home. Delicious chocolates with the company’s logo is a better choice than to give trinkets that will only gather dust.

However, just because the favors are sweet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a dessert table as well. There’s always room for dessert and your guests will always look for something sweet to end their meal.

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