Antidepressants Can Also Be Substance of Abuse

Abuse connected getting a medicine, be it over-the-counter (OTC) medicines or prescription medications, may be dangerous. Really, prescription drugs abuse has switched out could be the Achilles heel for the U . s . states . States and it also now threatens to chuck the ball country off balance. Like painkillers, antidepressants can also be generally mistreated prescription medications.

To put it simply, an antidepressant should certainly treat depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders (Obsessive-compulsive disorder), anxiety attacks, publish-traumatic stress disorder (Publish traumatic stress disorder) and seating disorder to suit your needs. But, sometimes people get according to them and begin mistreating these medicines. However, in situation of antidepressants, the amount is fairly under other prescription medications, because of the fact antidepressants are viewed non-addictive.

Antidepressants are mistreated exclusively given that they provide a psychostimulant-like effect. Mood elevation may be the motive behind mistreating antidepressants, nevertheless they’ve already serious repercussions, including seizures, confusion, and psychotic signs and signs and signs and symptoms. However, the finish result largely is dependent upon the path of antidepressant and pharmacology. Mostly, antidepressants are consumed by addicts intranasal and intravenous.

Wellbutrin – probably most likely probably the most mistreated antidepressant

It’s frequently touted because the poor man’s heroin because of its fervent use by addicts. Wellbutrin, a properly-prescribed antidepressant, has received the idea of addicts by storm with each and every single second addict attempting to procure it. Addicts recommend its crack-like high who’ve this drug in the throwaway cost available on the market with least hassle.

Antidepressant has greater social acceptability

People realize that since antidepressants are given by doctors, they’re unquestionably safer than other illicit drugs. Hence, addicts don’t have much guilt while mistreating them. In performing that, they completely ignore the potential undesirable effects these drugs can induce.


Non-medical use of these prescribed antidepressant drugs includes a greater social acceptability and fewer stigma placed on them, which lead for that elevated rate of misuse. The easy convenience to antidepressants is the one other reason behind their large-scale abuse.

Possible symptoms of antidepressant abuse

Misuse of even non-addictive antidepressants can result in withdrawal signs and signs and signs and symptoms. You’ll need to discover the next signs and signs and signs and symptoms in situation in the suspicion of abuse getting a buddy:



vivid dreaming

violent ideas and actions

speed-like effect


cardiac arrhythmia

enhanced chance of suicide



memory problems


anxiety attacks



erection disorder


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