Aquamarine- The Meaning, Properties And Uses Of The Stone

Aquamarine is a kind of stone. The word aquamarine is a Latin term which means seawater. The color of the stone is similar to the color of seawater. That is why the stone is named Aquamarine. Generally, we find aquamarine stones in greenish-blue color. This common stone has huge demand in the market.

Physical properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone that belongs to a mineral family, namely the beryl mineral family. We find this stone in large Crystals. It is a transparent stone. The stone contains iron oxide. Quite naturally the said iron content gives the stone this greenish color. We find aquamarine stones in various color variations. Its color can be pale blue, light green, and even rich sky blue. You will be surprised to know that the color of the stone depends on the angle from which you see the stone.

Astrological qualities of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is famous for its astrological properties and the stone brings luck and health to the people who are born in March. Astrology says it promotes self-confidence, fitness, and good health. If you are suffering from the problem of an unstable matrimonial tie, the stone can help you out. It is the birthstone for the zodiac sign.

Price of the stone

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone. For its unique color designers often use this stone to give a finishing touch to the presentation of the jewelry. The price depends on the size of the stone and the clarity or transparency. The other two factors responsible for the price of the stone are depth of the color and its color shade.

Popularity of this stone

We find many legends and myths about Aquamarine stones. Earlier, on consummation of the marriage, the groom used to give Aquamarine to the bride. It is very interesting to note that the popularly known Sailor’s gem and Aquamarine stone are actually the same. People of Greece and Rome believed that this stone would protect the sailor from a shipwreck. In Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, the stone was a symbol of happiness. European civilization has used Aquamarine as an antidote for poison. In the writings of middle age, we find crystal balls of aquamarine. People believed that these balls could tell the future. The stone was also known for bringing victory in battle.

Modern beliefs regarding Aquamarine

Modern people believe that Aquamarine has positive effects on the person wearing the stone.

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Use in healing therapy

Aquamarine can cure glandular disorders. It is also effective in curing eye ailment. It also keeps our lungs and respiratory tract healthy. The stone is helpful to people having frequent sinus infections and chronic allergies. The stone is good for the proper functioning of pituitary and thyroid glands. It can cure throat infections and teeth and gum problems. The stone also has a positive effect on dealing with various skin problems.

Use in psychological healing

The stone is useful in dealing with various psychological problems. The stone helps in controlling excessive anger or fear. It reduces nervous tension. The stone also helps in meditation and increases concentration. It strengthens our thinking ability, prompt decision making. If one is in trauma, aquamarine will help him to overcome the phase. The stone minimizes our ego and fills us with love and compassion. The stone helps in balancing aggressiveness and strengthens emotional bonds. Thus the stone has a calming and soothing effect like the sea.

Use in spiritual purposes

Aquamarine is also famous for promoting spiritual awareness. It is a stone that empowers both men and women. It helps in being truthful. It makes us able to communicate compassionately. It gives us the courage to expose our inner knowing. It enhances our intuitive abilities. If one is emotionally numb, the stone will help him to overcome the problem. Thus the stone has a great spiritual impact.

Use in balancing the throat chakra

 It is a strong stone that can control throat chakra. The throat chakra is said to be the voice of the body. If the throat chakra is not properly balanced it harms our health. When the throat chakra is balanced we are able to communicate our emotions and ideas properly. Aquamarine stones have a great impact on clearing and activating the throat chakra.

Use as an engagement stone

The Aquamarine stones are mostly used as engagement stones. The demand for the stone is continuously increasing among modern couples. There are some reasons for using this stone in an engagement ring. The first reason is that the stone is a symbol of loyalty and love. The stone looks so good that people prefer the use of the stone in an engagement ring. The stone is also known to enhance emotional bond and love. That is why nowadays many couples like to use the stone in their marriage rings. It is best suited for the couple born in March and December.

Use in jewelry

 The color of the stone is so attractive that if we use it in jewelry, it gives the ornament a gorgeous look. On the other hand, as the stone is not much expensive, many people can afford jewelry made of such stone. The Aquamarine stones are used today, in pendant, rings, and earrings.

Purchase of Aquamarine stone

During the purchase, we must be very careful. There are many fake stones in the market. We can identify a real and natural Aquamarine by its color. The original color is pale blue. It may have a green or yellow tint on its body. The feature of hardness is another quality that helps us to identify the stone. Original stones are hard. These stones do not get scratches. So if an Aquamarine stone has a visible scratch on it, it is a fake one. The temperature of the stone also helps us to identify the stone. Original Aquamarine is cool while fake stones made of glass are usually warm.


Thus we can say that Aquamarine is a stone that has various utilities. It is a calming and soothing stone. It is widely available in the market. Unfortunately, there are synthetic and fake stones too in the market. So we should be very careful while purchasing an original Aquamarine stone. We should buy Aquamarine from renounced dealers so as to enjoy the best utility of the stone. It is believed that Aquamarine stones bring luck. So we must not compromise with the quality of the stone while buying it for changing our life.

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