Are you exempt from the English language examination?

You will be exempt from the English language demand if you:

  1. i) are over 65 years of ages on the day that you send your application,
  2. ii) can confirm they have a clinical condition, such as physical or psychological, which stops you from appearing from the A1 English test.

Exemption # 1:

  • Physical or psychological impairment

If you can verify that it would be unreasonable for you to pass the English language examination at the A1 level as a result of a mental or physical health problem, then the Office may state that you are exempt and consequently do not have to take the examination.

I say “may” as this is optional, each instance will have to be decided separately.

  • When can a discretion be worked out?

The Home Office will have to concur that you are exempt if one of these applies:

  • You have actually been skillfully detected with a lasting physical condition that stops you from learning English; or

  • You have been expertly diagnosed with a psychological problem that causes you not being able to speak or learn English at the A1 level.

  • When is it most likely that discretion will be exercised?

The likelihood of the Office choosing that the applicant is excluded depends upon the specific physical or mental special needs.

If you are dumb, deaf, or experience a speech impediment that makes it difficult to chat, you will likely be regarded excluded.

Once again, it is necessary to stress that this is not an automated exception; each application needs to be taken into consideration separately.

Exemption # 2:

  • Age Exemption

  • You will be excluded from needing to fulfill the English language need if you are aged 65 years or over at the date of application.

  • The day of application is generally when you submit the online application.

  • The only point that you will need to perform in order to satisfy the demand is to send a passport or traveling paper, easy!
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