Awesome DIY Gifts You Can Do With Things In Your Home

There are many types of gifts that you can give to your loved ones, they needn’t be very expensive. You can just take a few photos and present it in such a way that it becomes a gift worth remembering. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words. For more ideas check out

Customize cups with a permanent marker and consecrate yourself as the queen of the do-it-yourself throughout the earth.

You can also use a fine permanent marker (if you are creative enough to have one of those in your home). Write what you want and cook the cups at 190 for 40 minutes.

You can also use markers to make a set of painted plates in just a few minutes.

It’s that easy. Use markers or pens for permanent food-safe paint to draw a design on a porcelain plate. Then, put them in the oven.

Print photos to create wine glasses with memorable moments.

All you have to do is print photos on plain printer paper, trace the base of the cups so that the images fit, and then paste them with Mod Podge glue.

Use paste and nail polish to create super cute chevron-shaped accessories.

Children (and adults) will love this improvement of pasta accessories. Use nail polish instead of paint to give it a brighter and more refined finish.

Turn empty soup cans into vintage-inspired desktop containers.

After eating a plate of chicken soup, wash the can and print some vintage labels. Cut the label and stick it to the box to get an inspiring and organized desk.

Dip your photos in the paint for a severe improvement in seconds.

Wrap the top of the box in masking tape, leaving approximately a quarter of the box uncovered. If you have an old can of paint for the house, you can dip them directly into it and then use a brush to remove excess – or drop the brush in the paint and colour the area you want. Everyone will feel envious.

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