Numerous dip tobacco companies are offering a variety of products in the form of tins and pouches to give you the experience, just like original dip tobacco. Most popular brands have been in the lead of providing the users with premium quality dip product for quite some time now. Click here to shop for a smokeless chewing tobacco product.

Black Buffalo

It is used as a substitute for traditional dip tobacco. The products offered by this brand are tobacco-free and sold to people who are over the age of 21. Dipper community often refers to this brand as the “King of all dips.” The premium rich flavors offered by Black Buffalo are straight, mint, wintergreen, peach and blood orange. It is well known for its taste, the texture, the rich dark color, and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.


Copenhagen is offering what most companies don’t. Whatever you tried before, Copenhagen snuff tobacco dip products can provide you with a great experience. It is one of the oldest and most popular brands in the market.


Grizzly chewing tobacco is another brand that is an option for dippers and is a premium choice for people. It is relatively cheaper than what other brands are offering. While using the product, a person gets a nice buzz going for quite some time. All of the products offered by Grizzly are available to read about online and you can order from different sellers.


Better known to dippers for its sweet flavors, it is the choice of many dippers who are looking to enjoy chewing tobacco and enjoy some variety. The product advertised by many sellers and available in many retail locations as well as online. Skoal is offering its dips in a variety of unique flavors.


Longhorn is new in the game and is already getting praised by many people for being affordable for every pocket out there. It is offering chewing tobacco dip in the form of tin and tubs. The dips offered by this brand are elegantly packed in state of the art tins. The nicotine strength is pretty moderate as compared to other brands.


Kodiak cans are probably the best and most sturdy cans available in the market. It has all the qualities of being a premium product. The brand is in the market since the 1980s, so it has quite a history there. Users have reviewed the product as being a slightly milder and not so sweet version of Grizzly products. If you are looking for a change and want to switch from your regular dip, then try a pinch of this.

All in all, there are many options of chewing tobacco available on the market today but only a few are providing alternative chewing tobacco dip products with great flavors and you can choose the best product for you that you enjoy and get it from a retail store or order it online like from Black Buffalo. Check out the different options available today.

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