Can you find a good accident lawyer from recommendations?

Trusting in personal recommendation is one thing. But, if you have recommendations from friends, neighbors or colleagues, you must not neglect it too. Here is the situation: trusting your personal recommendation may not guarantee any success. Whereas, neglecting third party recommendations doesn’t mean that they were useless either. You never know which one works for you. If any person recommends you a professional Personal injury lawyer then you can certainly give importance to it.

Recommendations from associations are also helpful. However, if you have legal protection insurance, recommendations from legal protection insurance companies may also be useful. Although, you are always welcome to choose the lawyer according to your requirements. The moral of the story is that you must accept the recommendations, but choose the lawyer, who has earned your confidence.

Some questions for better self-assessment

It is even more problematic if any person recommends you a lawyer and the lawyer does not have a greater level of process experience. You can’t do anything with such a recommendation. If you get a personal recommendation for Car Accident Lawyer Seattle, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • How did the lawyer determine the facts and objectives of his client?
  • Did he discuss the legal situation and the opportunities and risks orally or in writing?
  • Has the lawyer admitted gaps in knowledge and uncertainties?
  • Has the lawyer given written submissions to a court in advance for the client to read?
  • Has he informed the client immediately of all processes and measures essential for the progress?
  • Has he answered questions from the client immediately?

A high quality of dealing with the client usually goes hand in hand with a high level of professional competence. However, there are also lawyers who do great work but neglect communication with the client. You must avoid lawyers with this kind of attitude.

Why to trust a professional?

A lawyer, who advises illegal behavior may be a good lawyer for organized crime, but not for you if you are a righteous citizen, who wants to sleep peacefully at night. If you get the recommendation for a professional Slip and fall accident lawyer, you should also ask your friend whether the lawyer had clearly spoken about the costs of the proceedings or there was any hidden fees. This is not a sign that the lawyer is only concerned with his fees, but is necessary to establish a client relationship that is fair to all sides.

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