Essential Tips to Choose the Appropriate Dry Erase Board

The best and the appropriate dry erase board or popularly called the whiteboard depends on how you intend to use the board and the location where you wish to use the board. There are numerous types and features of dry erase boards are available in the market such as 123ink dry erase boards. You need to determine your needs or the way you want to use it and the location where you want to use the board before you choose a dry erase board. If you require a dry erase board for using it on the refrigerator at your home, you may not select the dray to erase board which a school teacher may choose for teaching in his or her classroom. Therefore, it is important for you to define your needs and then choose the right dry to erase board that will appropriately serve your purpose.

If your need is to teach in the classroom and that is why you require a dry erase board, then you should choose a heavy-duty dry erase board which you can hang on the wall whereas the dry erase board for your home needs may the whiteboard which can be stuck to your refrigerator with a magnet. On the other hand, many people of need dry erase board for office purpose which can be hung or wall-mounted or can be kept as a portable whiteboard. Most people who use dry erase board for official purposes usually use stand for presentations.

The dry erase boards or white boards are made of painted steel or laminate, or aluminium, or glass, or porcelain or melamine which is a type of resin-covered paper. The painted steel and melamine dry-erase boards are susceptible to scratches but the ink markings on them can be easily cleaned. The porcelain and laminate, as well as glass, dry-erase boards are stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Most branded dry erase boards are durable and some dry erase boards come with lifetime warranty. The Melamine dry erase boards are the least expensive whiteboards in comparison to other whiteboards and they are the most common whiteboards seen everywhere.

While buying a dry erase board, you should look for the accessories besides determining the need and location of the whiteboard. There is no doubt that you will have to buy the whiteboard markers along with the erasers. In addition to this, you may have to also buy dry erase cleaning solutions. But some whiteboards are magnetic allowing to use magnetic strips and icons while illustrating the information.

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