Few Best Sex Positions That You Can Try with Escorts

There are few sex positions that you can try with escorts that involves adventurousness, intimacy and variety. In case, you are unsure about your preference and sex position then the escort will be too willing to suggest different positions.

Following are the most popular type of sex positions that you can try with the escorts after booking her on the website Lovesita.com.

  1. Missionary

In this sex position, your escort girl will lie on her back, keeping her legs apart. You will position yourself on top of the escort, by using your arms to take your weight. Both you and the escort will face each other.

You can have intimate contact with your escort and get girlfriend experience. Your escort can touch your body all over and can kiss you and maintain eye contact. This is considered as the best position for sex with both romance and intimacy.

  1. Cowgirl

If you want to play a submissive role and allow your escorts to ride on you then cowgirl position will be the best position. You can just relax, and let the escort do all the work and both will have the pleasure.

You will lie on your back and escort will straddle you and ride and control the speed as well as depth of penetration. You can get an unobstructed view of the escort and her beautiful naked body.

In case she leans then you can touch or caress her.

  1. Spooning

If you lack energy for sex then spooning can be the best sex position. You will remain comfortable, intimacy level will be very high, as there will be close body contact and also your hands will be free to touch.

You will lie on your side and the escort will lie facing you. Her full back may be pushed against your front. Escort can slightly raise her leg so that your penis may enter her.

In this sexual intercourse, the escort and you will fit together almost like spoon. She will also enjoy anal sex and in this loving position you may fall asleep with your escort too.

  1. Doggy style

Here you and your escort will have sex almost like dogs who are often found to be having sex on the roadside.  The escort will position herself on her fours by using hands and knees and her legs will be apart.

You will position yourself behind her. This will be the best position for you, if you want to take dominant role. You can caress her back or pull her hair or massage her clitoris. In this position, you can also penetrate into her anus that is called anal sex.

This position is considered little unintimate, as there will not be as much of body contact between you and there will be no kissing or having eye contact.

You may however consider this sex position to be quite kinky and wild often it can be your best position as the escort will not be able to see your Cumming face.

All these are most popular and best sex positions which are also mentioned in Kama Sutra, which is well-known manual for sex.

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