Great Activities to Do in Lake Toba’s Samosir Island


Living up to its title as the center of Lake Toba‘s tourism industry, Samosir Island has several activities to do and sites to visit. Read the followings to find out several activities that you can do in Samosir Island.

  1. Swim and fish around this majestic waterfall — Binangalom waterfall

This stately waterfall is among the popular attractions for tourist on the island. Water drops in imperial waves from the crest of a cliff directly into the lake water, making for an exciting sight.

On hot days, you might like a refreshing swim around this natural wonder, as well as fishing. Or, we don’t even know, you can take tons of pictures to show your mates.

  1. Hike up a volcano for the stunning views! — Pusuk Buhit

Pusuk Buhit is a volcano that’s situated in Northern Sumatra. Nevertheless, it’s known for frightening explosions, but to get a magnificent view — rolling green hills that go on forever. Batak legend has it the very first Batak man, the Batak King, was born on Pusuk Buhit. Even today, many Batak descendants still scale the mountain to get blessings from him.

If you’re up for some exercise, you can try out hiking up the summit. There are multiple paths to take to scale this volcano, and none of them are too strenuous, even though it may take you 8 hours to reach the top.

But you’ll be grinning among spectacular grassland along with the best of character, and you’ll even be awarded a remarkable view of the sunset if you time your hike right. If you ask us, all the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it in the end.

  1. Experience local culture — Batak Museum

If you’re interested in the rich Batak culture and history, what better location to experience it than at the Batak Museum? This expansive building, before stepping into its function, spread knowledge of local culture, used to be the home of the deceased Raja Sidauruk.

Now, it is a famous tourist site, and the location where traditional dances along with the Sigale Gale puppet performance are held. The Sigale Gale puppet is a life-sized wooden puppet that’s utilized during Batak funeral rites as a vessel for the spirit of the dead. Even though its roots are somewhat creepy, the puppet is currently a staple in dance performances that are well-known to tourists.

  1. Have a splashing good time with amazing views — Watersports

Samosir provides a broad range of water sport activities for tourists. Here, you can try your hands at jetskiing, go on a banana boat ride, and also kayak around the crystal clear lake waters.



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