Starting a business is no easy task. Transforming said business into a hugely profitable venture is next to impossible. However, one man has changed his dream into a reality, achieving the impossible.

Elon Musk is more than an entrepreneur. He is an established engineer,an investor and the CEO of Tesla. He also is the owner of SpaceX, an aerospace company.

The Problem

There was never a time when electric cars were all the rage. That is because the typical electric car of the 90’s portrayed a very undesirable image. The cars were slow, impractical and quite ugly. The range was terribly limited, and the asking prices were quite high.

The Master Plan

However, when Elon Musk introduced his first commercial car, the Tesla Roadster, he already achieved the first stage of his plan, which he whimsically named as “The Secret Master Plan”.  The goal was to reintroduce the electric car to a world that heavily relied on fossil fuels. This plan was broken up into 4 phases, each with its own goals.

The Phases

Phase 1 was to create and sell a low-volume, but a high-cost car. Phase 2 involved using that money to develop and sell a relatively affordable medium-volume car for a much lower cost. Phase 3 involved creating a high-volume car which can be sold at a very affordable price. Phase 4 involved providing sustainable solar power to the masses.

Saving the Planet

We all know what is entrepreneurship, but we ought to know how it is implemented and the repercussions it may bring about in the long run.

The way it is implemented has a drastic impact on the business and the planet itself. The new goal that companies need to aim for is “sustainability”.  For instance, the world is running on fossil fuels, and it will only be a matter of time before the last oil well runs dry. Organizations that do not adapt eventually perish. However, Tesla is a company built around the future – it creates a sustainable environment and limits our dependence on non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels.

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