Greatest Things to Do in Makassar, Indonesia



Up until 1999, it had been called Ujung Pandang and you also frequently hear the natives using the titles Makassar and Ujung Pandang interchangeably. Makassar has a very long and rich history, dating all of the ways back into the Majapahit Kingdom (roughly 1293-1500). Its rulers often changed hands until Indonesia gained freedom.

Now, Makassar’s most significant revenue is earned throughout the support industry. But, port and fishing activities remain a large portion of Makassar’s market. The temperatures at Makassar are always hot, with a mean of 27.5 °C (81.5 F). However, it is not an obstacle for tourists to come by.

Read below to find out the greatest things to do in Makassar:

  1. Amirul Mukminin Mosque

Best photographic opportunities occur in high tide, once the water, providing the illusion of a floating mosque, hides the piles behind the construction of their mosque.

Visitors of all faiths are welcome, and if you are in the region throughout Ramadhan, then this is undoubtedly the spot to break your fast. If you figure out how to get here in time, then you may have to enjoy hearing the call to prayer and encounter sunset in precisely the exact same moment. The mosque holds 500 individuals, so unless you are there in peak periods, for example, Eid mornings, you will inevitably wind up a place to plead.

  1. Pantai Losari

Pantai Losari also referred to as Losari Beach,” isn’t really a conventional shore as its name implies. Most of it’s retrieved soil, and the very best spot to hang out at the beach is to the promenade, rather than on the sand. But, it’s a favorite hangout for the locals, and the food marketplace opens in the day. The government has just made a fantastic attempt to clean up the shores in Makassar, which means that you can comfortably walk along.

  1. Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam was constructed on the grounds of another fort, called Ujung Pandang, also has been a significant construction in Makassar’s development. Rotterdam became an increasingly important entrepot, in which the Dutch stockpiled spices to commerce. Makassar hence became the middle of Dutch rule in the area. Therefore, this is where to learn about history, through Dutch colonial rule.

  1. Malino Tea Plantation

Stop by a farm and beverage your tea at the clouds — literally. After a mountain resort to its Dutch, Malino still remains a charm for many visitors and locals, alike. The view on the farm and the clouds are all positively magnificent, and the trendy surrounding mountain wind is a bonus.

  1. Trans Studio Makassar

This incorporated mall is accompanied by an indoor theme park, making it an exciting area to dine, shop and have a great deal of fun with the family, without needing to take care of the scorching heat! Trans Studio Makassar is most likely among the most contemporary malls in Makassar, and it is where there are more notable brand names and franchises.


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