How Can I Print A T-Shirt Itself?

Printing a T-shirt is much easier than it looks at first glance. With us, you can professionally do your shirt design [desain baju kaos which is the term in Indonesia]. Even from home, it is possible to print your T-shirt. The quality is then not comparable to a professional print, but it is fun if you can make it yourself.

 Supplies For Printing To Make A T-Shirt Yourself

What do you need for it? Of course, a T-shirt, it is advisable to opt for a white T-shirt. Plus, you do not have to worry about expensive equipment. Almost everyone today has a computer and a printer at home. Otherwise, you only need an iron and an ironing board, which is also standard in almost all households. After that, you only need to buy transfer paper and baking paper. Transfer paper is a special paper for printing on textiles, such as a T-shirt, sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt. Baking paper is available at the supermarket. If you have everything, then we can start.

Design From Your Computer

Of course, you need a draft. You can have them designed or made by yourself. You do not necessarily need a special program for that. Even in words, it is possible to play with letters and graphics. The design must be printed in mirror image on the right side of the transfer paper. Reflecting the design is quite easy, because the program Paint has this feature, for example, and almost all computers have this standard program available. Then print the design on the transfer paper and cut out your design. Be sure to cut as close to the edge as possible to get a nice result. Now you have to remove the foil.

Just Iron For A Few Seconds, And Then It’s Finished!

Now we only need the baking paper, the ironing board and the iron. First, let the iron warm and first decide where you want to place the design on the T-shirt. Then place the design on your desired spot, place the baking paper over it and iron with the iron over the design. How long it takes to print well on the T-shirt depends on the thickness of the baking paper. Now the printing is completed and ready to be worn with pride.

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