How to Set a Healthy Menu for Your Wedding

One of the famous wedding wishes quotes says “marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming in a restaurant”. That is the importance of food in everybody’s life. And when we talk about Indian weddings, it’s a grand feast. The food at Indian weddings is one of the most important attraction. At every wedding, you can see a huge number of food stalls with all the different type of cuisines. In recent times where the majority of the population is health conscious and wants to eat right, not everyone is too comfortable with such widespread of cuisines. Instead of getting the food wasted, we suggest you keep your wedding menu healthy. We have a list of things that you can add to your menu which are healthy as well as tasty!!

#1 Live Counter and Salad Bar

Everyone out there is a huge fan of live counters. One can easily prepare something of their choice, add their seasoning and use as minimal oil as possible. Having a proper salad bar where people can prepare their salads along with their choice of dressing is a great idea. Putting a different variety of fruits at the salad bar is also a healthy snack option. Salads not always mean leafy vegetables and fruits only but also sprouts salad, corn salad, cheese, pineapple cheese salad etc.

#2 Choose Healthy Proteins

Proteins are known to be one of the most important nutrients that our body needs. They are important for muscle recovery, skin, and building of bones. Choosing healthy Protein options for the wedding menu is very important. Be it in non-vegetarian form or vegetarian, protein-based dishes are loved by everyone. Chicken, lamb, and paneer are some of the traditional sources of proteins out of which some great dishes are prepared. You can also add some different, healthy and yet tasty version of proteins like fish, prawns, eggs, nuts, stuffed chicken breast, beans, etc to the menu.  How to make them even healthier options are by getting them cooked in a tandoor(smoked) by oklahoma joe smoker reviews, grilled or steamed instead of getting them fried.

#3 Healthy drink options

Usually, every party feature drink filled with artificial sugars and corn syrup which lately most of the people have started avoiding. Instead of sticking to the mainstream drinks, you must add some healthy drinks which taste great. You can add fresh fruit juices, lemonade, jaljeera, smoothies, lassi, tea, Almond-Kesar milk and much more.

#4 Watch out that sugar

Deserts are the real temptation and nobody really can try avoiding it. So, to let your guests enjoy the desert without any guilt, you can choose to keep fresh seasonal fruits, fruit sorbet, low-calorie ice creams, angel cakes, cookies and much more on the menu.

Though eating healthy is a choice and many other of your guests might not like this choice of menu. You can always keep a few stalls of traditional cuisines as well at the wedding!

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