Martial Arts Training and Supplements including Anabolic Steroids

Martial arts training is a set of exercises that we will divide into

Martial arts training is a set of exercises that we will divide into the following components:

  • Profile training is a training that is aimed at developing the skills needed in your type of martial arts.
  • Strength training in the gym – gaining muscle mass, developing strength, endurance, performance.
  • Aerobic training – we strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Wedevelop a functional.
  • Technical training – we practice the technique of combat movements, we learn to invest ourselves in a strike, throw.
  • We will tell about each item separately.

Profile training

This is a training style of your martial arts. Boxer training might look like this:

  • Work with a bag;
  • Workout with a punching bag;
  • Paw work;

For a boxer, the above exercises will be called “profile training.” For a fighter or MMA fan, this training will look different.

Ideas about how to conduct profile training, it is desirable to get in the sports section.

Workout in the gym – the basis of the result

Strength training allows the athlete to increase the efficiency of all components of the training with Anabolic steroids.

Training in the gym is based on the following principles:

  • The principle of progression of loads. The athlete must increase the load every 1-4 workouts. The body creates additional reserves in the form of gained muscle mass, which allows you to move forward at maximum speed.
  • The principle of supercompensation. A fighter should train only in the supercompensation phase, if he wants to be able to observe the principle of progression of loads. Only here is muscle growth possible.
  • The principle of gradualness. The load must be increased smoothly, without sharp jerks. Otherwise, overtraining.
  • The fighter only works with basic exercises that give 80% strength and performance.

Read more about training in the gym here.

Aerobic training

Without stamina, there is nothing to do in the ring. Aerobic training also allows you to develop the cardiovascular system, which reduces the negative impact of heavy sports on the heart and prolongs life. Thanks to the following exercises, you also train your breath:

Jumping rope. One of the best movements for the development of functional, which is used by all fighters. The jump rope develops coordination of movements, cleanses the body of harmful substances. A fighter without a rope is not a fighter.

Aerobic jogging – running at an easy pace over long distances. 30-120 (depending on the goals and level of preparation) minutes of running at an easy pace develop the cardiovascular system to the limit. The fighter must pay attention to the heart, as intense training and fast muscle building can wear out the heart muscle. Training volume is increasing, muscle mass is growing, and the heart can do the same work as before training. The result is cardiovascular disease, early heart attacks.

Take this part of the training seriously.

Anaerobic running. Short accelerations, sprinting, uphill accelerations, shuttle racing. They train breathing and develop the muscular system.

Improve the effectiveness of aerobic training will help:

  • Heart rate monitor. Allows you to train in the desired heart rate zone.
  • Training mask. The best tool for breathing. Significantly improves running results.
  • They load muscles while running, increase endurance and explosive speed.

Technical training

As part of this part of the training, the athlete teaches to invest in combat techniques so that the enemy receives maximum damage. Example: you go through all 3 training phases, but forget about the technique. As a result, the efficiency of your uppercut is only 30%. Your lazy companion concentrates only on the technical part, which increases the efficiency of his uppercut to 100%. The result – his uppercut is much more powerful than yours.

This is mainly about training with a sledgehammer and tire. Readmorehere.

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