Mistakes about Cholesterol That Most of You Make

Cholesterol up to a certain level is good for the human body. But, too much cholesterol has been harmful and may lead to various health issues. High cholesterol can cause heart disease and clog arteries. You can easily control cholesterol level through a healthy diet, regular physical activities, and sometimes medication. Canadian Pharmacy offers you variety of medicines at a single place and also suits your budget.

Basically, there are two types of cholesterol HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) and LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein). Cholesterol is a wax-like substance and mostly found in milk, egg, meat and dairy product. It has been found in the cell wall and membranes as well as plays an important role in producing hormones.

Let’s find out mistakes about cholesterol that most of your make.

Avoiding Physical Activities: If you are concern about your health than you will do anything for your health. Regular exercise can manage your cholesterol level but you have to do it on a regular basis. Moderate-level exercise is enough for a healthy body as it increases the level of good cholesterol and reduces weight. Over-weight has been a key factor that increases cholesterol. You may also try jogging, swimming, yoga, walking as per your convenience. Or adopt a group sport for your free weekends. You could even play 5-a-side american football with one of those lovely Customized Footballs.

Consuming More Alcohol: If you taking alcohol occasionally it may not increase your LDL level. But, if you consume it on a regular basis then it is a matter of concern. A large amount of alcohol can contribute to heart attack, stroke and blood pressure. Moderate consumption of alcohol will increase HDL cholesterol level and protect you from specific health issues.

Do Not Watch Your Sugar: Leading cause of most of the health issues is unhealthy eating habits. Dairy products, egg, red meat, fried food has been the key contributor to increased cholesterol level. Irrespective of that, sugar can also increase bad cholesterol in your body if you consume more sugar. As we all know that more sugar contributes to weight gain which ultimately boosts cholesterol level.

Do Not Take Good Fat: Healthy eating habits will keep you stay away from a lot of health problems. You can easily manage your cholesterol level without any medication by avoiding food that contains trans and saturated fats rather than takes food which contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 acids will increase good cholesterol in your body and keeps you healthy.

You Don’t Know Your Cholesterol Number: The best way to prevent any disease is by controlling its risk factors. Some health issues have no symptoms such as high cholesterol and it can cause a health problem. Test your cholesterol in every four to six years because by knowing your number you can easily manage your LDL.

Skip Your Medicine: Medication is required when you have a high cholesterol level and the situation become more worsen if you skip it. So, take your pill regularly at the same time and as prescribed by your doctor.

By avoiding these mistakes you can easily manage your good cholesterol level. So, be safe and if any doubt it is highly recommended to consult your doctor instantly.

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