Modern Rugs Come In Many Exciting Designs

When many people think about rugs, they may imagine traditional rugs, not modern rugs with all of their exciting designs. In fact, many people who are unfamiliar with modern rugs are surprised to see the wide variety of artistic and attractive designs that are on offer in a modern rug shop. Rugs with abstract designs have become quite popular in recent years. These abstract designs reflect trends in fine art painting and can offer your home an unmatched level of sophistication. Rugs with intricate patterns have been popular for thousands of years, but there are still more beautiful and eye-catching patterns being introduced to modern rug design. Pictorial rugs, especially those that depict landscapes, are also quite popular in contemporary design. To learn more about the different designs that a modern rug may be available in, keep reading.


Perhaps the most popular types of rugs in this day and age incorporate abstract designs. For those not familiar with these rugs, imagine an abstract painting like those by Jackson Pollock or Mark Rothko. The beauty, intricacy and artistic accomplishment seen in these paintings can be found in similar form in modern rugs. Many people who are not familiar with abstract rugs are pleasantly surprised to find this sort of artistic expression available in rugs, and subsequently incorporate abstract rugs into their home design when they had not originally planned to do so.


As previously mentioned, patterned rugs have been popular for thousands of years. These rugs remain very popular today. It might seem like patterned rugs are more traditional than modern. While traditional patterned rugs are still produced in abundance, you can get a modern rug with a pattern inspired by contemporary life. Some rugs have patterns inspired by urban landscapes, graphic design or even digital patterns.


Rugs that depict an object or place are also popular in rug shops today. The orientation, size and fabric of rugs make them perfect for depicting landscapes. Sunsets and sunrises are often found on modern pictorial rugs. Pictures of flowers and sandy beaches are also popular in this type of rug. Some modern pictorial rugs even depict animals like horses. Many pictorial rugs are abstract to a certain degree, blurring the line between these two types of modern rug. Pictorial rugs, like other types of rugs, really need to be seen and touched in person to be truly appreciated.

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