SEM: What is It and How It Can Boost Your Brand

SEM has made it possible for businesses to make their paid ads an effective online marketing tool. Also, Just like SEO, SEM is one of the strategies that allow them to reach to their target audience online and boost their conversion rate. Learn more about how SEM works and how it can help businesses in this article.

Even since the digital age has started, more and more businesses have shifted their marketing efforts online. This is because the number of users continues to increase due to the various interactive platforms (ex. social networks and eCommerce sites and etc.) that were developed. It is now more convenient for them to shop online, thanks to it. However, the sudden rise of users online has made it more difficult for new business owners to gain an advantage over their competitors. So, how is it possible for newcomers to climb to the top and compete with established businesses? It’s simple— make use of SEM in Singapore.

How SEM Works

SEM is all about paid advertisements. It places all the paid ads on the searches of the target users who are about to purchase a particular product or service. Part of it is investing in Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. To better understand the concept of SEM, it is essential to know first how search engines work.

Since Google is one of the most used search engines in the world, we will focus on its search algorithm and how it selects advertisements that would be placed on the first page of their SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

Keyword Bidding System (Ad Auction)

Since there are a lot of other businesses out there who are using it, it is impossible for all the paid ads to earn a spot on the first page of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). SERPs would become a complete ad hosting platform if this happens. So, what Google did is to design a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) bidding and auction process called “Ad Auction”. This would determine which ads are more relevant to be shown on SERPs. Here’s a gist on how it works: you must bid on highly effective keywords and state how much you are willing to pay. We will explain more later on what type of keywords should be chosen later in this article. For now, here are the two main criteria on how to “win” the auction:

  • Maximum CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Bid

This concept is simple. You’ll win if the amount that you are willing to pay on your bid is the largest one among all the bidders. However, it doesn’t stop there. There is still another condition on how to win and this leads us to our second criteria:

  • Google AdWords Quality Score

Google will measure the quality of your ad by checking your ads’ CTR or Click-Through-Rate, Keywords and Site’s Landing Page, and Ad Text. Getting high scores are better than investing more funds on a bid because there is a chance to win the auction even if you just placed a low bid in the first place.

Maximize Clicks

However, there is another method of utilising Google Ads for SEM, and this is what we call “Maximize Clicks”. It is ideal for businesses who do not want to undergo the tedious process of manually bidding an ad. You just need to set a daily budget limit, and then Google will do the work for you! Depending on your budget, they will match your ads to search queries that can give you a high chance of obtaining a significant number of clicks.

Tips on How to Boost Your SEM

  1. Do a Keyword-Based Advertising

Even though this has been the most basic SEM strategy ever, it stays relevant until today because keywords are the foundation of Search Engine Marketing. Most SEM services in Singapore would sell this to their clients because it is proven effective to reach out to a specific audience.

What makes it effective is that it makes use of less competitive keywords, yet they are highly relevant to your target audience. In this way, you won’t need to shell out a huge amount of funds on paid advertisements to get more conversions. However, some access tools like Ad Groups, Wordstream Software and other software applications are needed to use keyword research successfully. These are quite expensive and they require experts who can analyse the metric data they will provide. Thus, it would be ideal to hire an SEM agency in Singapore.

  1. Optimising for Voice and Visual Search

Entering the words and phrases on the search is not just the method to search for information online. Voice and visual searches are now possible! Since there are some PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) and illiterate people who are also using the Internet, these new search tools have made it more convenient for them to shop online. This increases the customer reach of search engines and this presents more opportunities for businesses to expand their customer base.

Optimising SEM for visual and voice search means using effective long-tail keywords. They are often in the form of questions that are relevant to the brand, and they are used in various metadata elements such as title tags, image tags, and canonical tags. Metadata is like the communication tool between websites and search engines since it makes it easier for search engines to understand what is a website all about.

  1. AI and Marketing Applications

AI or Artificial Intelligence tools are one of the biggest trends in SEM and digital marketing. It has the potential to know the preferences of a specific consumer group because it is one of the “machine-learning technologies”. Thanks to it, search engines like Google and Bing are now smarter than ever before!

To maximise the potential of AI, it is recommended to work with SEM Vendors. These digital marketing experts now the right metrics (ex. CTR or Click-Through-Rate, CPR or Cost Per Click,  and etc.) to track and monitor so that it would be easier to create SEM campaigns that are favourable to AI-powered search engines.

In Summary

SEM is one of the effective marketing methods for businesses to find their target audience online. However, it needs experts who can perform comprehensive keyword research to better utilise the potential of SEM. Plus, the bidding process for SEM campaigns is time-consuming and quite expensive so they need these professionals to create strategies on how to make their campaigns more cost-effective.

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