Simple Ways To Organize Your Things


When you organize your things, it is better that you first define the system that is most appropriate to what you are organizing, and which best suits you and your way of life. You should be able to take a look at your shelves, closets or shelves and know immediately which objects should be placed back in place and which ones go elsewhere. The easier it is for you to save an object, the higher the chances of it returning to its place.

It’s almost always a good idea to keep similar things together. Your table games should all be in the same closet or shelf. The pots and pans should all go in the same cabinet and all the wrenches in the same toolbox. Once similar things have been grouped, you should store them in the most convenient place according to where those objects are used. The dog’s food should be close to the dogs’ dishes, school and office supplies should be in the office or near the table where the children do their homework, the spices should be in your kitchen, hopefully in a piece of furniture or dark and dry drawer, near where you prepare food.

When you already have your things grouped into similar ones, you may still need to organize them a bit more. This is especially indicated for those groups in which you have more than three things of a single type (for example the papers of the file cabinet or the books of your bookcase.) The following systems are undeniable, which means that they will be easier to remember because of its simplicity, and if you have small space, you can opt for storage units:


You can put your things in order from older to newer (a good idea to accommodate cereal or cans, for example) or from more modern to older (like water and light receipts). Ordering chronologically also serves some people in their closets, when they want to make sure they rotate all their clothes every two or three weeks, instead of always using the same three shirts.


Very useful for organizing documents, your contacts, and other things with words on their labels (like spices in the kitchen). Sorting by alphabetical order is the most used method in those cases involving letters.

By Size

When you have to stack things up, it’s usually a good idea to place the larger item below, and the smaller ones higher. You can order from small to large, or from large to low in the case of objects whose size is relevant to their use. Check out the site for more into this


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