Single, Double, Queen, or King Bed Mattress – Which Should You Buy?

Purchasing a mattress can be a tedious task if you aren’t aware of the basics. Many people end up buying the wrong mattress type and then later complain of back issues and body pain. Yes, you read that right, a mattress impacts not only your sleep but also your body. A wrong mattress is equally bad for your body as an incorrect yoga pose. The size and type of a bed mattress are very much essential for your quality sleep and body posture.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, pressure points, arthritis, or restlessness, switching to an ideal mattress will solve it all. Therefore, before buying a mattress for your bed, you must consider certain factors such as the material, size, type, brand, and price of the bed mattress. The most common question that strikes while purchasing a bed mattress is, which one should you buy—a single, double, queen, or king-size mattress?

To help you get through this question, we bring this article that will clear out your doubts. The significant difference between the types of mattresses are:

Single Bed Mattresses:

These bed mattresses are ideal for children or teenagers, as the standard size of a single mattress is about 38 x 75 inches. It is the smallest available size for young adults or adults (however, the actual smallest being a crib or baby mattress). Depending on your weight and height, it can be too short for you in length. These mattresses can also serve as guest bed mattresses or extra bed mattresses for bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds, or single beds. You can buy a single bed mattress for smaller spaces. The options for single bed mattresses online are Clouddio Stratus or HomeTown Spinepro.

Double Size Bed Mattresses:

Now, many of us confuse double bed mattresses with queen-size or twin XL bed mattresses. However, all three are different from each other and vary in dimensions. So, a double or full-size mattress measures about 53 x 75 inches and is 5 inches shorter than a twin XL. It is ideal for two people, whether siblings or couples. However, it leaves merely 27 inches of personal space for each individual, which might not be that comfortable for some. Therefore, it is best to choose this mattress only for solo sleepers who aren’t too tall. It is not recommended for twin sharing if you have back problems or body pain.

Queen Size Bed Mattresses:

Apt for couples who don’t flip and toss much in their sleep, this mattress measures about 60 x 80 inches. Long enough for tall people, it might be a tight fit for couples who require more than 30 inches of sleeping space. It is also ideal for adult solo sleepers who love snoozing off their alarm and go back to bed while moving 360-degree like a clock’s hand. Recommended for singles who suffer from pressure point issues. There are many options for queen size mattress online such as HomeTown Sleepyhead Original or Springtek Healthpaedic.

King Size Bed Mattresses:

One of the best mattresses, they are a bit expensive and require more space, but are worth the investment. They measure about 76 x 80 inches, which provides enough space for two people who flip, toss, and turn a lot in their sleep. Offering 38 inches of personal space, it can accommodate even a small baby with two adults. Thus, making it a family mattress. Ideal for spacious rooms, you can host slumber parties in the room with these mattresses. However, when buying this mattress, it is recommended to check the dimensions of your bed or room well for it to fit easily. The options for king size mattresses online include HomeTown Sleepyhead Sense, Springtek AER, and Kurl-on Mermaid.

Another version of the king-size mattress is the California king size mattress. This mattress is slightly longer in height and smaller in width, with dimensions about 72 x 84 inches. It is ideal for couples who love their personal sleeping space. However, it might not be the best choice for a family of three. There is always a common confusion between the regular king and California king size mattress when it comes to bedding and sheets. Therefore, it is recommended to do a thorough check before buying one.

We hope this article has cleared your doubts about mattresses. Now that you are aware of what size is perfect for you, you can select easily select the desired mattress type for your body.

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