The Different Uses Of An Agricultural Shed

A farm sheds is not just made up of 4 plywood walls. It is a building whose importance can quickly be underestimated but which is nevertheless essential, whether in terms of storage of agricultural machinery and products, or even a place to live for livestock.

Each harvest has its specificities, just like farms. Some buildings, for example, require very special attention at ground level. Storing potatoes will need some ventilation and, above all, rigorous humidity control to prevent mold. In all cases, each agricultural building must be adapted to its initial use without any particular additional costs ensuing.

An Agricultural Shed For Storing Potatoes

The storage of potatoes requires very precise characteristics from the agricultural building. The performance of the building will directly influence the storage life of the potatoes.

An Agricultural Shed To Store Cereals

The storage of cereals is essential. Most cereals are harvested 1 specific month of the year (e.g. July for wheat) but are eaten all year round.

An Agricultural Shed For Cattle Breeding

Cattle have specific needs, whether in terms of light or food. It is essential that agricultural building is suitable for cattle breeding.

Animal Welfare Integrated Into The Agricultural Building

Modernity also applies to agricultural buildings which are now able to include part of animal welfare within the characteristics of the building.

Requirements To Build Houses On Agricultural Land

  • Prove that there is real agricultural exploitation in the place and that the construction of an agricultural houseis necessary.
  • Justify why housing is essential for agricultural production.
  • Show that the farm where the house will be built is far from a community or population centre.
  • Argue that the home will be the permanent home of the family dedicated to farming.
  • Farmhousesneed to respect the landscape in the area.
  • The buildingsmust be on one level. Buildings with two or more floors are not allowed.
  • The agricultural housing unitshave limitations with regard to the number of square meters and height, also regarding boundaries.
  • Constructions on rustic land are limited since in these areas there is no electricity, water, roads, or other basic services.
  • The mobile home is considered a building; therefore, to remain on rustic land, you must obtain a license and comply with all the requirements of the law.
  • It is strictly forbidden to build agricultural housesto be used for family gardens.
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