The story begins the way most do, a very casual event that suddenly turned into a very intriguing situation that nobody could quite explain. Some might even go as far as to call it spooky, but I think you may have already assumed that from the title of the post.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away (Los Angeles) lived a young man who was turning 25. He always told his friends that he does not want anything special for his birthday. He was in a position where anything he needed he could buy himself, so he made it clear to his friends that the only gifts he would accept are either handmade and cheap or something recycled they no longer needed. What a forward-thinking young man, so conscious of the environment… I wonder who this young man could be?! Anyway…

One of his friends, having listened to his requirements, gave him a WiFi hotspot that he also inherited from a family member that had passed away. It was not a new model, it didn’t have any bells and whistles of Skyroam, but it still had a few months of service! This gift was perfect, not only recycled but TWICE recycled!

Shortly after his birthday, the young man found himself on a beach, with some friends, where the reception on their cellphones was not stellar, and he had come prepared. He took out the hotspot and activated it… and it worked! Soon they had the internet flowing and music playing. Suddenly the song changed. Everyone looked around. Nobody was near the phone that was connected to the hotspot. They didn’t think anything of it. Maybe it was a reception issue again, and they continued on their way…

After a couple more song changes, suddenly the phone turned off another song, and a dial tone started playing over the speaker. The young man ran over to his phone and noticed that he had, not an incoming, but an OUTGOING call to the friend that gave him this hotspot. That is when things started getting strange. There was no reason that a phone would make an outgoing call by itself, and nobody had touched the phone. The bigger question is, why was it calling the original owner of the hotspot… of all the contacts? They turned off the hotspot and continued with their day, thinking maybe it was time to just take a break.

A few days later, the young man tried to use the hotspot again while at a park. After an hour of perfectly normal internet service, all of a sudden the young man’s mouse started darting all over the screen. It didn’t seem to have any particular rhyme or reason to why it was doing this, but it was, and it was definitely spooky… or so… I’m told… by this young man… who is definitely not me.

You might be reading this thinking, there might be a totally normal explanation for both events. Perhaps the phone call and song changes were triggered by cell phone voice commands? Perhaps the mouse moving was a malfunction of the touchpad on his laptop… or someone else in the park had a BlueTooth mouse that they were able to connect from afar as a practical joke. Maybe. Those are possible. But unlikely. The data plan has run out on the hotspot and it has not been activated since. Who knows if what this young man witnessed was truly just a big coincidence… both times… or perhaps this is indeed a haunted WiFi Hotspot.


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