The Quest for the Wedding Ring: The Best Choice for the Time

Finding the wedding ring that will go perfectly with your engagement ring is a matter of practicality and style. There are a lot of wedding ring choices, especially for a piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life; it is a choice not to be taken lightly. That is why the Black Diamond Rings are the best options for you.

Pay Attention to Details

If you had the happy surprise to receive an engagement ring, you will realize how difficult the process was for your partner. The choice of finger size, the thickness and the metal of the ring, for example, are criteria he has chosen to ensure optimum comfort. The engagement ring is the most delicate step because it is most of the time a surprise. Once this step is over, you can then choose your wedding rings together and find the perfect combination.

Although you can go for the same ring size, you will need to make sure the engagement ring still fits her. You need to consider that your finger circumference can change over the year and depending on factors such as temperature for example. If you find that your engagement ring is a bit smaller or larger than usual then you may want to consider resizing. Make sure the size of your wedding band matches the engagement ring.

As for the choice of metal, you will have to take into consideration the carat of gold because there is a slight difference between 18k yellow gold and 9k for example. Generally 9k will appear duller and less vibrant than 18k yellow gold.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

It is one of the most popular engagement rings; the classic solitaire allows emphasizing the unique diamond. That is why we recommend opting for a classic metal wedding ring that will highlight the diamond of the engagement ring. An alliance of this type brings a sober and minimalist look as a whole.

Shoulder Rings or Halo Rings

The sparkling effect brought by the small side diamonds will add relief to the ring. A half-turn or full-turn diamond wedding ring is the perfect accompaniment to this type of engagement ring because of the many small diamonds on the setting. Make sure that the carat weight of the side stones matches the carat weight of your wedding ring in order to keep visual harmony. Although full turn diamond wedding rings are not the traditional choice for a wedding ring, they are sure to have an effect with those looking for luxury.

Closed Engagement Rings

A setting with a thickness of metal surrounding the diamond is called “closed”. This setting allows the diamond to be held securely. Unlike the prong setting where the central stone is held firmly between four or even six prongs, the closed setting has a rounded shape. A wedding ring set with small diamonds will go well with a bezel-set ring.

10x8mm Cushion Cut Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Rose ...

Curved Engagement Rings

In case you want an engagement ring with a unique shape or the central diamond setting is off-center for example, you will need an alliance that follows the angles of your ring. Validating a choice like this will require expert advice in determining the exact curvature of the wedding ring that will perfectly accompany your engagement ring.

Wedding Set

If the search for the perfect wedding ring doesn’t go as planned, then you might be drawn to a wedding ensemble. With an engagement ring and a wedding band that match perfectly, you can then make your choice with peace of mind and indulge yourself with a brand new ring.

Why choose a black diamond ring?

All engagement rings are adorned with a diamond or gemstone, most often set solitaire. Diamond, in particular, exists in several colors, among which is black. The black diamond gives the engagement ring a very original, elegant and refined style, and is also very suitable for a wedding with rose gold or white gold.

The Model of the Rinse

The right model of ring with black diamond is very important to give your present another dimension. Do not hesitate to discover the tastes of your beloved in order to facilitate your choice. All creations have their own originality. Take a look at different models of solitaires with single or shouldered black diamonds. Other models are available and differ in the setting used or their design. While some are crimped with 4 prongs, others have 6 crimping prongs, and their shape may vary. They can be straight, curved, or form a pattern such as a heart-shaped profile. Also, do not hesitate to discover the other creations which differ in their style. Let yourself be seduced by fancy or illusion style black diamond engagement rings. You will also find black diamond rings with a central diamond surrounded by small diamonds forming a full turn. These refined jewels are distinguished by the contrast between black and white. The finesse of a white metal brings a touch of authenticity to the whole.

The Quality of the Black Diamond Ring

There are several criteria to define the quality of the black diamond ring that you want to buy. First is the carat, which corresponds to the weight and diameter of the stone. The carat also expresses the total weight of the diamonds adorning the ring. The higher the carat, the higher the price will generally be. The weight of the metal is another determining factor. The quality of the black diamonds offered by jewelers is also guaranteed by the legal certificate. It is a pledge of authenticity and cut quality for each diamond.

What Material to Choose For a Black Diamond?

Because your sweetheart has her preferences, Diamonds Factory presents several materials for the purchase of your black diamond ring.

Yellow Gold Black Diamond Ring

Durable, sparkling and precious, gold is the metal of choice for the bride and groom. If your dear and dear one is used to wearing gold jewelry, the yellow gold black diamond ring is a great choice. You will find a wide range of black diamond rings on Diamonds Factor for your bride.

White Gold Black Diamond Ring

White gold is both refined and modern. It combines the qualities of gold with the contemporary color of white metal. It goes very well with the black diamond, hence the many creations of rings in white gold and black diamond that are available to you. In addition, it can be worn with silver or platinum jewelry. White gold thus became more popular than yellow gold.

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