Traveling to Medan

Medan is the most populous town in Sumatra, the noisy and crowded capital of North Sumatra province and also the primary port of call for the majority of vacationers bent on exploring the place.

Why should you go to Medan?

At least among international travellers and travel writers, we are in a distinct minority in enjoying Medan–we all love it. Yes, as a general principle –from a tourism standpoint –Indonesia does not do big cities that well, but in Medan, at the reasonably compact downtown area near and to the west of the railway station, we discovered that an at times stunning, and very populous city. The food is exceptionally tasty, and we saw the natives (with just a couple of exceptions) to be welcoming, friendly, helpful and hospitable. Really!

Medan doesn’t boast much in the way of high line draws. Still, there’s a great museum that serves as a fantastic primer before entering Karo tribe, a stunning and historical villa along with also an impressive mosque all which may be utilised to fill one whole day at Medan. However, for us, the real appeal is the food.


The transportation hub of northern Sumatra, Medan can be the jumping-off point for ground transportation to Aceh, Berastagi, Bukit Lawang, Ketambe and Lake Toba therefore even when you aren’t planning on overnighting here. You’ll probably have to pass –offer it at least a night!

When to visit Medan?

Much like a lot of North Sumatra, as much as overseas tourists proceed, the peak period in Medan is late June through August, coinciding with summer. At this time, however, it’s not likely that you will need bookings as the town brings a bare trickle of tourists everywhere. Also, you will find more than one hundred resorts to select from.

Weather-wise, Medan is hot, warm and humid year-round, but peak period coincides with the area’s dry season, thus expect warm and often dry weather at that time. Even though Medan can observe uncontrolled and beastly thunderstorms year-round, it’s subject to North Sumatra’s general rainy season that runs approximately November to March, so expect much more rain afterwards.

Get Here

The city of Medan will inform you that you can travel by air in the Kualanamu International Airport (KNO). Located at the Deli Serdang Regency, approximately two hours drive from Medan. The brand new Airport was started in 2013 to substitute the 85 years old Polonia Airport, which had been getting too close to the city.

You can also get to Medan by sea out of Penang (Malaysia). Passenger ships also operate between Medan and Jakarta.

Get Around

In Medan, it is possible to select public bus, cab or becak to receive around. The local minibuses or even Sudako are fundamental and affordable. Use these if you’ve got a little Bahasa Indonesian your sleeve you won’t overlook your destination stop.

The noisy becak is a small two-stroke motor vehicle which is a cheap, however frequently nerve-racking way to get around—agreeing to get a price with the driver before you get in. Taxis are an affordable and easy way to get around. Make sure you utilise a metered taxi or otherwise, agree on your destination and price before coming in.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Medan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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