Unique Kid’s Needs to Consider While Designing Their Wardrobe

In the upfront wardrobe designing for kids seems a simple task but is quite challenging. The wardrobe design needs of adults are different than the kids. Parents need to have a design that can store a majority of things, especially in homes where space is a constraint. Some of the kid’s needs are unique than adults.

  • The necessity to start being independent and organized
  • Kids keep growing in height
  • Add creativity and imagination zing

The necessity to start being independent and organized

Kid’s wardrobe designs available are generic with an appropriate scale. However, the internal layout designing does not offer a solution, which fosters independence. From the age of 4, parents are consistently teaching them to get more organized.

Help related to being organized will be useful! Have four drawers carved at the bottom part of the cupboard, so that children learn to organize? All their T-shirts, accessories, underwear, and more can be stashed in these drawers. They can access it safely, whenever needed without their parent’s help.

Height adjustability for a growing child

Kids are unable to access the top compartments until they reach a height of more than 4.3 feet. The standard cupboard takes care of the basic storage needs. The heights and sizes of shelves are not determined with kid’s accessibility in mind.

The largest wardrobe section must have a hanging compartment on one side and adjustable shelves on the other. The height of these compartments will be fixed for a growing child from 4 to 9 years. They can easily access their clothes.

The hanging compartment with rod and hooks on the side is convenient. Uniforms are needed daily and the reachable height for easy access encourages the kids to get dressed without help from their parents. Children can easily choose daily clothes, thus fostering a ‘thinking’ mindset.

Add creativity and imagination dynamism

Wardrobes are needed, which does not mean they have to be cumbersome or boring. Be creative and use them as a blank canvas and think out of the box. Play with wardrobe design, organization, and color for your growing kid’s room.

  • Blackboard finish – Two doors of the wardrobe can help to create a big blackboard surface. Kids can get artistic and sharpen their writing and drawing skills.
  • Toy lover – If your kid is a toy lover than make a vertical compartment at the bottom rather than the top. Use this compartment to store your kid’s toy boxes. He/she can take them out during playtime and after clean up put them in the cupboard. Thus, keeping the space around his/her uncluttered effortlessly.
  • Ideal finishes – Choose wardrobe finishes, which can be wiped easily because the kid’s room is a creative playground, so spills and stains have to be considered. Lacquer is glossy and is available in a variety of colors. Laminate is easy to clean and is water-resistant.
  • Low drawers – Fitted wardrobe design including low drawers allow kids for easy access without making efforts to reach them. There is a possibility they can bang their head, so it is better to install drawers at the bottom. You can repurpose them for non-essentials or shoes until they get taller and older. Think beyond stereotypical gender colors like blues and pinks.
  • Design on the doors – Have the front doors of the wardrobe painted with English Alphabets or his/her favorite cartoon figure. The colorfulness will make the space feel vibrant and your kid will also be very happy.



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