What Factors Make Acrylic Glass Print Pictures So Popular?

Every picture has a story to tell and that’s true. We may forget, but pictures do not. And this is actually the reason that people love having photo frames and paintings in their homes. You might be more of a private person who likes to keep collages of your family moments or you might be someone who appreciates candid shots of random things, places, and people, but, whoever you are, pictures are what flood your walls.

Now, when pictures are so valuable to you, why don’t you get them done in a way that they would last longer without losing shine and brightness. Oh, but those sort of pictures are found in art galleries and cost a fortune – if that’s what you think, you’re wrong. Firms like Big Acrylic that understand what pictures mean to humans have come up with a unique option of printing pictures directly on glass instead of stuffing a paper picture in a photo frame. The benefits of doing so are listed below.

  1. The Pictures actually Last

What happens to paper photographs in photo frames? Well, either they wrinkle, smudge at the ends, or get dusty and lose color and shine. On the contrary, Big Acrylic pictures on glass pose no such threat because they’re directly printed on glass with a flatbed printer. As a result:

  • The colors look new and retain shine even after years.
  • The picture has HD-like clarity.
  1. They Can Be Customized

Glass at Big Acrylic can be cut into any shape you like. Also, they can customize the pictures to any size up-to 60″ X 90″.

  1. They have Different Display Options

There are basically 3 types of display options. You can pick the one that fits your budget and taste.

  • Standoff Option – The glass picture is directly secured on the wall with the help screws, one for each of the 4 corners.
  • Float Option – Instead of fixing the picture on the wall, a block is attached to the wall. When the picture is attached to that block, it creates an illusion that the picture is actually floating in the air about an inch from the wall.
  • Float Frame Option – As the name suggests, the picture is attached to a frame first and then embedded on the wall. Here, it’s the frame that creates the floating illusion.

Some other miniscule yet important features that make glass print pictures better than most are listed below.

  • They are lightweight.
  • They are easy to clean.

So, if you’re looking for an ideal glass print picture, do not forget to explore the alley of Big Acrylic.

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