What is Python and why you should start learning it?

The executive summary of what python is.

With dynamic semantics, Python is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted, object-oriented programming language. Python was created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. With its object-oriented aim and language constructs, it helps programmers to write logical and clear codes for their projects. Multiple programming paradigms are supported by Python such as functional programming, object-oriented programming, and procedural programming. Python had a comprehensive standard library and because of that it’s sometimes described as “batteries included”.

Python can be used for many purposes like application development, scripting language to connect existing components or just to glue together. Because Python’s easy and simple to learn syntax emphasizes readability the cost of program maintenance is reduced. Because of Python’s powerful and extensive productivity, programmers often fall in love with it.

The most promising career opportunities for Python programmers

Among other programming languages, Python is the most promising career option for techies. Because of Python’s faster code readability and brevity, the demand for Python programmers is rising daily. You can create better designs with fewer lines of code and can also create dynamic scripts for both small and large scale projects.

Python can be used for web development, app development, scriptwriting, testing, and app upgrades. Python supports multiple paradigms and provides a dynamic type system and automatic memory management to its users. A Python programmer had many different career options to choose from, including developer and data scientist.

Nowadays, companies around the world constantly searching for qualified and skilled Python programmers mainly in India and the US. Python is a very versatile and open-source language which is why developers love it so much. Application development and system development programming is so much easier with Python.

There are a lot of career opportunities out there for even fresher in Python programming. Depends on how fast you can learn and the right guidance, Python can give you a lot. However, the skills you require to become an expert Python programmer are not easy to attain without proper studies and guidance. From where you learn and what you learn matters a lot for your career. Many companies offer jobs to only those who have certification from a reliable institute. Like ExcelR provides a Data analytics certification course which will surely help you to get our desired job. Click Know more to get more details.

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