Why are SMBs Increasingly Opting for Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting has been one of the significant solutions when it comes to hosting a business website. Even though there are additional options, such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting has proven to be a cost-effective choice. Earlier, the large enterprises that started investing in Cloud Hosting solutions, but today, even small-sized organizations are advancing towards the adoption of the same.

Cloud Hosting is one such hosting where the website data is stored across multiple servers. This allows seamless data restore in case of any server failure. If the primary server goes down, the secondary server restores the data. This ensures high uptime. Recent trends show the increasing interest of small and medium-sized organizations in Cloud Hosting, with nearly 78% of them moving to the Cloud in some way or the other. There could be a host of reasons to explain the move, with the most promising ones being:

  1. Security of Data: Whether a small-sized enterprise or a big organization, data security is of paramount importance. Losing even one shred of information is fatal for the organization. Cloud Hosting ensures total security of data with data mirroring across three separate locations. Storage solutions like Ceph mirror the data in real-time. The seamless restore in case of failure guarantees advanced data security and high server uptime.
  2. Managed Solutions: Cloud Hosting plans offer users the option to select managed hosting solutions. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is imperative to keep their entire focus on the business, without being worried about server management. Also, they neither have the technical know-how to manage the server nor the money to hire a tech expert. So, Managed Cloud Hosting plans are perfect for SMBs. The providers take care of server upkeep, timely updates, patches, installations, etc.
  3. Scalability: SMBs require a solution that can seamlessly accommodate the sudden upsurges in traffic. They cannot waste money on unnecessary resources or a Dedicated Server. Rather, they prefer buying a basic hosting plan and scaling it up as and when the need arises. Here is why Cloud Hosting comes to the rescue. With providers offering one-click scalability, Cloud Hosting is perfect for the growing SMBs.
  4. Higher Productivity: Since there are multiple servers handling the storage needs of the hosting, even if one fails, another in the network could restore the data and handle the request. This ensures that the business never stops, increasing the productivity of the work and the organization, as a whole.
  5. Cost-effective: One of the major reasons why SMBs tend to avoid Dedicated Hosting solutions is the cost. As Cloud Hosting hosts multiple websites, the costs tend to be shared and thus lower. So, SMBs can avail all the features of scalability, security and performance at affordable prices. With budget being a major concern for SMBs, Cloud Hosting fits the bill perfectly.

Final Word

It is obvious that Cloud Hosting is ideal for organizations that have just started and are looking for reliable solutions to expand and scale their businesses. Carefully assess your needs, research well and find the best Cloud Hosting India provider that satisfies your hosting requirements. Until next time, good luck!




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