Wonderful law of termination and counseling of employees

Discriminations is repugnant, immoral and illegal. It can ruin destroy families and harm our communities. New Jersey law protects employees from suffering discrimination, harassment at the workplace by providing for significant penalties to employers and who ignore their legal obligations to prevent from occurring and after remediating when it happens. Our employment attorney New Jersey fights for New Jersey employee’s right to a discrimination-free workplace by holding employers responsible for the harm caused when they do not fulfill their obligations in stopping workplace discrimination.

Termination of employees

  • New Jersey employment law prohibits many different forms of discriminatory business practices and acts such as sexual harassment, failure to reasonably accommodate, unlawful retaliation and hostile work environments.
  • Discrimination threatens the foundations of a free democratic society. Employers who allow discrimination to take place cause aggrieved employees to suffer to devastate personal hardships, irreparable emotional trauma, and unplanned instability to the family unit.
  • In furtherance of New Jersey’s strong public policy to eradicate the cancer of discrimination, our laws providing for strict penalties to employers who do not play by the rules and don’t allow employees to suffer from acts of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
  • The victims of discrimination, harassment and we have been unlawfully terminated from your employment, our New Jersey employment lawyers are here to assist you in standing up for your right to a workplace free of discrimination.

Employment counseling

  • Our lawyers are dedicated to providing continued guidance and counseling to our clients during all stages of the employment relationship.
  • We counsel clients on workplace restructuring, employee management and performance assessments, terminations, and provide a ton of various employment documents and agreements.
  • We perform audits and guide human resources through self-audits of various employment practices including termination and leave policies, wage and hour compliance, occupational health and safety, and affirmative action plans.
  • We assist in investigations of employee misconduct including harassment, discrimination, and substance abuse and we advise clients are how to handle everyday situations that may arise during the course of employment.
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