Wrinkles Which do you prefer and why Botox or Dysport

Waking up every morning realizing the wrinkles on your forehead are increasing, and you frowning to the cruel fact makes thing even worse, I know, it is stressful. It stresses you, even more, when you find out there are so many options out there to remove your wrinkles. Worry no more, we are here to help and explain to you the two most efficient wrinkle reduction treatments which are Botox and Dysport.

Let’s talk about the more popular and older drug which is the Botox first. Botox is using Onabotulinum Type A toxin as the active ingredient with Human Albumin and Sodium Chloride. It can be used at sites such as the forehead line, crow’s feet (wrinkles branching out from the outer corner of the eyes), and glabella (the area between your eyebrows). The result of this treatment will be seen within a week, sometimes a month but it will last up to 6 months.

As for the newer and cheaper option which is the Dysport, it uses Abobotulinum Type A toxin, which is a variant of Onabotulinum Type A toxin. However, this treatment can only be used at the glabella lines compared to Botox which can be used at multiple sites. The result for Dysport will appear relatively faster where it only takes a couple of days but it can only be maintained for 3 to 4 months. There are studies showing that Dysport works better than Botox in terms of cost-efficacy profile, and it does not give a stiff-looking appearance.

To be an ideal candidate, you will always need to consult a trustable aesthetician where the severity of your wrinkles will be assessed. Only the moderate to severe will be treated with these modalities. There is a rule of thumb that shows you may not be a candidate:

–        Pregnant lady

–        History of Botulinum allergy

–        Milk allergy

–        More than 65 years old

–        Skin disorders (the decision will be made after assessment by your aesthetician)

You should always be honest with the medications or supplements intake as some of the drugs such as blood thinners, muscle relaxants, anticholinergics may have interactions with your treatment, causing unwanted complications.

Both the treatments only take a few minutes, before you even realize the aesthetician is already leading you to the exit. You will only feel slight pain, and if your pain tolerance is low, the aesthetician will administer a little anesthesia to help with the pain. After the procedure, you can continue to work or go home, then wait patiently you see your smooth silky skin in the mirror.

Every treatment has its own side effects including Botox and Dysport. Generally, the procedure is very safe under trained hands and the occurrence of side effects is low. There may be minor pain and injection sites, swelling around eyelids, rash and headache which resolve spontaneously. If you have symptoms like nausea, sinus problem or lung infection, please do not hesitate to go to the doctor. Lastly, there is a very rare side effect known as botulinum toxicity due to overdosage of the drugs, presenting with eyelid drooping, facial weakness, muscle spasms, unable to eat or swallow, difficulty in breathing and speak, go to the hospital right away!


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